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How Much is Enough?

Award-winning documentary by Andrew Stern, tells the story of how essential nuclear weapons decisions were made between the Kennedy and Reagan administrations. Features major figures from the Kennedy and Reagan administration, including former and current Secretaries of Defense and arms controls experts. Filmed in the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany. Winner of George Polk Award, the Edward Weintal Prize for Diplomatic Reporting and several other major awards. Aired twice on PBS, BBC, and French television. Now in a national archive, and the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, and over 400 libraries in the USA.

Nike X - (1966)

Investigative report on proposed first anti missile system

First investigative documentary covering the proposed new anti-missile system in the world. Raises doubts about the workings of the system and what it would do to the balance and what it would do to current state of deterrence. Interviews include Dr. Jerome Wiesner, former head of White House office of the Science Advisory Committee under President John F. Kennedy, and Herbert York, Pentagon Adviser and top military. Shot on location in Kansas, New York, Los Angeles and Palo Alto. Emmy nomination. Andrew Stern, Producer.

(For Educational Purposes only)

Hiroshima 1965

Award winning documentary about life in Hiroshima 20 years after the bomb.

(For Educational Purposes only)

Brunswick: Quiet Conflict

In December of 1964, four months after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, as violent confrontations ignited throughout the South, documentary producer Andrew Stern and a small production unit from National Educational Television, the predecessor to PBS, went into Brunswick, Georgia to profile a place where civil rights progress was being made without bloodshed. The one hour program was remarkable both for its content and point of view and for its pioneering production technology: two large mobile units carrying a control panel and three full-size studio cameras. Numerous awards followed. The tape was recently remastered at Duart Lab in New York and has had major screenings at Harvard and Berkeley among other institutions. Stern continued making award-winning documentaries, notably "How Much Is Enough? Decision Making in the Nuclear Age", which won the Polk Award, and was shown twice by PBS and 6 European Countries.

(For Educational Purposes only)

Return to Brunswick 2012

In 2012, Andrew Stern returned to Brunswick as a follow up to his 1964 documentary "Brunswick: Quiet Conflict." He was able to invite Angela Wilkes, daughter of Josephine Wilkes who appeared in the original documentary, to do an interview in front of the house where she grew up. She interviews current high school student Ali Pullen about integration today.

Inside the Ghetto

Emmy-Award documentary. Conversation between Claude Brown and Norman Podhoretz, filmed in Harlem where Claude Brown grew up.

(For Educational Purposes only)

Goldwater - 1964 European Reaction

Interviews with journalists and political scientist in England, France & Germany reacting to Goldwater's nomination and fears about U.S nuclear policy.

(For Educational Purposes only)

Robert McNamara Proposed Documentary Trailer (1992)

Trailer for proposed documentary about the life and times of Robert McNamara, former U.S. Secretary of Defense.
Filmed in 1992 near Bishop, CA and Aspen, CO.
Produced by Andrew A. Stern.
Unable to raise finishing funds, which would have covered his years at the Ford Motor Company, U.S. Department of Defense and the World Bank.

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