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Brunswick: Quiet Conflict


In December of 1964, four months after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, violent confrontations ignited throughout the South. I, along with a small production unit from National Educational Television, the predecessor to PBS, went into Brunswick, Georgia to profile a place where civil rights progress was being made without bloodshed. The one-hour program was remarkable both for its content and point of view and for its pioneering production technology: two large mobile units carrying a control panel and three full-size studio cameras. Numerous awards followed. The tape was recently remastered at Duart Lab in New York and has had major screenings at Harvard and Berkeley among other institutions. I continued making award-winning documentaries, notably "How Much Is Enough? Decision Making in the Nuclear Age," which won the Polk Award, and was shown twice by PBS and 6 European Countries.

*for educational purposes only*

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